Position title
IT Specialist - RSCMED4005

Position's primary focus are in the areas of computer operations, user and desktop support (hardware and software), helpdesk, and data management. Performs a variety of moderately complex information technology support duties to ensure smooth delivery of technology services. Monitors, operates, or coordinates and assists others in the operation of computer hardware, software, and peripherals in order to achieve desired results. Utilizes computer equipment, software and diagnostic tools to perform a broad range of customer assistance, production job processing, equipment maintenance and repair and computer operations assignments. Requires minimum supervision and may act as lead when the need arises. Updates supervisor on status of projects or technical issues. Exercises judgment and creativity in selecting and applying procedures correctly, and determines when to refer problems to the supervisor or next level of support.

To ensure that computer networks are running smoothly and efficiently, the IT assistant performs an array of tasks.

Typical Duties

1. Provides assistance in the use of personal computer hardware, software, 2. Sets up and configures desktop computers, peripherals and accounts assigning security level; 3. Installs software and installs and repairs hardware and peripherals; 4. Tests programs; 5. Troubleshoots, diagnoses problems, implements corrective action procedures within prescribed guidelines and/or escalates to other technical resources as appropriate; 7. Administers user accounts; 8. Designs and produces basic reports; 10. Transfers computer files between platforms; 11. Provides basic troubleshooting, repair and maintenance for computer equipment (e.g. microcomputers, disk drives, and laser printers) and may assist with testing personal computers and peripherals on a network to diagnose, hardware versus software problems; 12. Acts as a user liaison for the computing operation, communicating, resolving, and/or initiating the resolution of problems and concerns; 14. Maintains records; 15. Contributes to unit goals by accomplishing related duties as required.

Installing and Configuring

In the event that their company purchases a new computer network, it will be up to the IT assistant to install and configure that new network so that employees can begin using it as quickly as possible. Additionally, new computer networks will have to be configured to suit the company’s unique needs. Many peripherals have to be set up in order to complement the computer network. These can include things such as printers, keyboards, routers, modems, and smart devices. It is the IT assistant’s responsibility to set up those peripherals and ensure that they are both functional and secure.

Maintaining and Repairing

Even if a computer network and all its peripherals are set up flawlessly, issues will still arise on a daily basis. IT assistants have to check their company’s network for errors, repair malfunctioning peripherals, and help colleagues troubleshoot problems.

Helping Users

Answering calls and emails regarding Users’ technological problems.

Keeping Records

Keep detailed records of their network’s configurations, peripheral specifications, problems and solutions, and more. These records help their company address issues more quickly in the future.

Job Location
407 Junction Hwy Unit A, Kerrville, Texas, 78028, USA




Employment Type
Base Salary
$50,000-$60000 Per year


Results-oriented individual who love to tackle tough problems and find creative solutions. Comfortable interacting with people and they excel at applying skills to unfamiliar issues. In addition to these general personality traits and attributes, the following skills and qualifications are encouraged:

  • Computer network skills –extensive knowledge of the inner workings of computer networks, as well as how to operate and repair them
  • Peripheral skills –able to analyze and work with peripherals they may have never encountered before
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills – good written and verbal communication skills


Tools of the Trade

In order to accomplish daily goals, use a variety of tools. Should be familiar with the following:

  • Recent versions of Microsoft Office software suite – programs in Microsoft Office, such as Excel and Word, will come in handy to IT assistants
  • Computer network hardware and software – besides installing and configuring computer networks, IT assistants use a variety of hardware and software to complete tasks
  • Standard office equipment – IT assistants have to know how to use standard office equipment such as printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, and more
  • Standard communications equipment – since part of their job involves communicating with colleagues and customers, IT assistants frequently use telephones, fax machines, emails, and more to communicate.


High school graduate or equivalent with data processing training, computer operations training, or experience in a multi-operation system or production control environment preferred. Skills and Experience: Two or more years of related experience with computers and providing customer service in a technological environment. May require the knowledge of a variety of hardware as well as software, programming languages, and operation systems. May be tested on appropriate computer skills as required.

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