Background Checks & Drug Testing

Pre-employment background screening and drug testing can save everyone time and money. Reliable Staffing offers you a service that will help you in getting the information you need.


Background Check - Texas

This service includes:

  • Through our proprietary Court Direct platform, we have established direct, electronic access to criminal record repositories in the largest county, state, and federal court systems.
Drug Test - 10 Panel

This service includes:

  • Combination of commonly tested drugs: COC AMP mAMP THC MTD OPI PCP BAR BZO TCA
  • Marijuana - THC, Hash, Pot, Cannabis, Hashish, Weed
  • Cocaine - COC, Crack, Coke
  • Amphetamine - AMP
  • Methamphetamine - mAMP, Meth, Ice, Speed, Crank, Ecstasy
  • Phencyclidine - PCP, Angel Dust, Wet, Sherm, Wack
  • Benzodiazepines - BZO, Benzos
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants - TCA
  • Methadone - MTD
  • Opiate - OPI
  • Barbiturates - BAR
Background Check - National

This service includes:

  • Provides multi-jurisdictional information from many
    sources including County Records, State Department of
    Corrections, Sexual Offenders Lists and Administrative Office of Courts, and is recommended to supplement a comprehensive county and/or statewide criminal
    conviction search.
Drug Test - 10 Panel - Certified

This service includes:

  • Same as above
  • Medical Staff Certified

Purchase a Package

Upon deciding which package you will be directed to Paypal for payment. Make sure you leave your Phone Number in the comments.


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